Sub-IB Affiliate Programm

Become a Sub-IB and take your profits to another level

Sub-Introducing Broker

The Sub-IB program is designed for partners who want to expand their business in the forex market.
With high Sub-IB commissions from AZA, you can achieve success in a short time.
You can attract partners from all over the world without limits, so your earning potential has no boundaries.
Invite a partner and earn from his commissions every month without additional conditions.

Why Become a Sub-IB with AZA?

  • Highest partners commissions on the market

    You can attract
    partners from
    all over the world

  • Multi-level affiliate program


  • Earn an Up to 10% on Your Sub-Partners

    Earn 10%
    of your partners'

  • Special conditions for regular sub-partners

    Special promotions
    for regular

  • Timely payment of commissions


  • Branded banners, logos and other marketing materials

    Branded banners,
    logos and other
    marketing materials

  • No Limit on Commissions Per Partner

    No limits
    on the commission
    for the partner

  • Detailed reports and statistics

    reports and

  • Possibility to increase commission percentage

    affiliate commission

  • Personal Account Manager and support 24/5

    Personal Manager
    support 24/5


How much money can I earn?

Everything will depend on the partners you will attract. If they are active and earn a big commission, then you will earn too.

We offer the best sub-partnership conditions on the market.

We do not limit you in the number of earnings from each partner. For more information, contact your manager.

Do you have a commission for a multi-level partnership?

If your affiliates invite other affiliates, then you will earn up to 5 per cent of their commissions.

How can I increase the percentage of commissions?

If you regularly attract new active partners, then you can receive a higher percentage of the commission. To discuss the interest increase, you need to contact your manager.

How to attract partners?

To attract partners simply, for this it is necessary to take the following steps:

- copy your referral link and send it to partners;

- place the link on the Internet or in social networks;

- place the AZA banner on your website;

- add a description of the company in the article;

- place the link on a landing pages.

How to become a Sub-IB?

It is very easy to become a Sub-IB.

If you are not registered yet, then register in the Trading Terminal MT 7 and open a Live trading account.

If you have already joined AZA, then you can already attract clients and partners. As soon as your referrals become partners and receive a commission, you will see your share in the trading account.

Are you ready for business? Let's start working.

Open a Sub-IB account