Spreads and liquidity

Our clients can trade with minimal costs. On AZA trading accounts, you can find the most suitable spread and commission model for your trading operations.

To maintain a low and competitive spreads AZA company collaborates with 7 major liquidity providers and get quotes first level with access to the interbank market. The company uses an Electronic Communication Network for the buy and sale of exchange of assets. Therefore, it guarantees the maintenance of low spreads even in volatile market conditions or lack of liquidity, without artificial extensions.

The company provides clients with low spreads, regardless of the volume of their deals. We realize that low spreads are important for the client in deals. Therefore, the company builds its work on the principle of transparent pricing without the intervention of a broker.

Floating spreads

As in the interbank foreign exchange and commodity markets, AZA uses floating market spreads.

ECN spreads

ECN trading is the most profitable for a trader. On these symbols, the lowest spreads in the forex market are from 0.00001 pips. When opening ECN orders with trading instruments on START and PRO accounts, a commission is charged. On a VIP account, you can trade ECN trading instruments without commissions.

Fixed spreads

On all account types, you can trade trading instruments with a fixed spread without commissions.

Fractional Pip Pricing

Displaying prices in the terminal using tenths of a pip.

To obtain more favourable prices from the liquidity provider, the company offers pricing using tenths of a pip. When trading currency pairs in the forex market, customers can use a more accurate, five-digit quotes. Due to this, customers can more precisely open deals using exact quotes and get the lowest spreads.


For all types of accounts, trading Forex, Precious Metals, Binary Options without commission.

The commission is charged on START and PRO accounts when trading Energies, Shares, CFDs, Indices and Cryptocurrencies.

Trading on a VIP account with any trading instruments without commission.

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